Relationships with the community are important to Zamia. The company aims to maintain a reputation as a good corporate citizen by working closely with neighbours and the local community in general.

Indigenous Relationships

Committed to working closely with traditional landowners to identify and protect culturally significant areas, Zamia will continue to communicate openly regarding operational intentions and be mindful to:

  • Respect the social, cultural and economic rights of traditional land owners
  • Establish and maintain effective and transparent communication
  • Survey  proposed exploration and operational areas to assess and understand cultural heritage
  • Develop strategies to avoid impact on significant indigenous sites and cultural places

 The Local Community

Zamia’s future is not only dependent on successful exploration programmes but also its ability to develop, operate and close mines in accordance with the community’s expectations and best practice principles of sustainable development. 
To achieve this, Zamia is developing a community relations policy to ensure that the company’s responsibilities to the area are met. This will include:

  • Open and meaningful communication
  • Participation in community activities
  • Effective response to community concerns