March 2007 Highlights

31 March Quarterly Report Highlights  

  • Zamia Gold Mines Limited (ASX-ZGM) achieved successful ASX listing on 10 January 2007
  • Reverse circulation (RC) drill testing comprising 13 holes for a total of 2,139 metres completed at past mining sites, Lucky Break and Belyando
  • Initial results confirmed the continuation of gold mineralisation both laterally and vertically at both properties but detailed results were still awaited at the end of the period
  • Location, acquisition and appraisal of high resolution aeromagnetic and radiometric data over our tenement package now allows detailed definition of numerous new prospective features

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June 2007 Highlights

30 June Quarterly Report Highlights   

  • Zamia Gold Mines Limites ("ZGM") successfully completed a non-renounceable option issue whereby Shareholders as at 4 June 2007 were entitled to subscribe for one option priced at one cent for every two shares held. The option excerise price is 20 cents on or before 27 June 2009. The $252,500 raised will be used to advance exploration in the Clermont region of Central Queensland
  • A comprehensive interpretation aeromagnetic and radiometric survey's over ZGM's entire tenement package has led to identification of a large caldera structure, the mount Rolfe Caldera. Associated structures and hydrothermal alteration are characteristically coincident with epithermal gold deposit 
  • Drilling results from the Belyando and Lucky Break mine areas confirmed the continuation of gold mineralisation in the target areas and new aeromagnetic data has highlighted potential for further gold discovery below soil cover adjacent to both prospects.

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September 2007 Highlights

30 September Quarterly Report Highlights

  • Further evaluation of Mount Roulfe Caldera structure and its surrounds has led to recognition of possible indications of epithermal gold mineralisation at several prospects within the Caldera and on its western margin.
  • Soil sampling west of the old Lucky Break mine site has outlined a distinct gold-silver anomaly in an area where the airborne geophysical data indicates the presence of concealed prospective features.
  • At the end of the quarter, eminment consultant Dr Greg Corbett undertook a field review of ZGM's projects. The review has enabled ZGM to prioritise its targets.
  • ZGM has applied for two additional EPM Applications totalling about 160 km2, enhancing ZGM's presence in the Central Queensland Gold Province.

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December 2010 Highlights

30 December Quarterly Report Highlights   

  • A Major Molybdenum soil anomaly outlined at the Anthony prospect in an intrusive porphyry complex. Molybdenum mineralisation exists in the only two previous drill holes within the anomalous zone. Anthony has the potential to host significant molybdenum mineralisation.
  • Drilling expected to start at Anthony before the end of January 2008.
  • MMI geochemisty highlights major gold targets West Lucky Break and Frankfield Hill.
  • New management team has been assembled with  with new executive directors being appointed.
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 pdf download Quarterly Activities Report  30 December